get back to normal

how to slim down thighs?

i’ve sprained my ankle

i’ve twisted my ankle


dislocated – zwichniety

many people live with artificial limbs


a dislocated limb usually does not require a cast

aloe vera – aloes


aloe vera therapy can help detoxify your body from poisonous deposits

exceeding the dosage may cause vomiting

calculating insulin dosage is important to ensure your body has the right amount of it

antibiotics do not cure viral infections


i feel tingling in my legs

numbness or tingling in legs may signal nerve damage

if you carry on devouring (pozerac) your food like a barbarian, you will get an indigestion

a moderate (umiarkowany) consumption of red wine is considered to be desirable for the circulation system


black out – utrata przytomnosci

i am a bit off colour today

you look a little off colour today


i feel blue – jestem zdolowany

the patient has taken a turn for the worse


the old lady passed away peaceful

ambitious = aspiring = high flying = competitive = challenging

my grandfather got pneumonia and we were worried about him but luckily he pulled through


he had chicken pox and broke out in a rash

sick? i am in the pink of health

fill in the gaps with missing words


podiatrist – lekarz leczacy choroby stop

i was lucky to have a great midwife when i was in labour with my first child

my back hurt so much i needed to go to chiropractor (kregarz)


he is a wonderful paediatrician i would never trust another doctor with my children

it was removed after it had developed cancerous cells


in many cases specialists requires a referral from a family doctor before they see a patient

spleen is an organ that lies next to stomach and is an important centre for immune system activities


a tooth located in the back of the mouth used for crushing and grinding food – MOLAR TOOTH

the body area which includes the stomach, intestines and other digestive organs – ABDOMEN

abdomen – jama brzuszna


cord – przewod

spinal cord – rdzen kregowy


corduroy = cord

placenta – lozysko


cut the umbilical cord – przeciac pepowine

umbilical cord – the cord connecting the developing embryo (zalazek) or foetus to the placenta (lozysko)

female reproductive system


conceive – poczac, wyobrazic sobie cos

womb – lon

WOMB = uterus – macica


an organ of the female reproductive system in which the young are conceived and develop until birth; the womb


a small aromatic or medicated candy


abdomen – jama brzuszna


GLAND – wezel chlonny

an organ that makes one or more substances, such as hormones, digestive juices, sweat, tears, saliva, or milk.



phase out – stopniowe wyeliminowywanie

to phase out medication means to gradually reduce the dosage in order to eventually stop taking it

pancreas – an organ that produced the insulin hormone needed to regulate blood sugar levels

die from smoking related diseases


light up = smoke


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