how to avert the ‘big’ C

obscure clearly? niejasno jasny

carcinogenic – rakotworczy


colourful array of fruits and vegetables

ward off – zapobiegac

avoid soft drinks if you dont want to die of pancreatic cancer


it may increase your risk of breast cancer

all things considered, ..

how much do dietary changes really matter in terms of cancer prevention?

it is really about the composition of your overall diet


what also matters is how much you weigh and how many calories you burn.

foster cell division

it can give rise to tumours


obesity also goes hand in hand with high insulin levels and inflammation

throat inflammation – zapalenie gardla, angina


kindling – tinder

burning= combustion

anti virus software

zip file – plik z rozszerzeniem ZIP


temporary files

streaming media

search engine


internet privacy

hardly anyone uses encylopaedia enymore

obsolete = old fashioned = quaint = out of date


what anti virus software do you recommend? i want my computer to be safe

i set up a profile on a social networking site so that i could reconnect with friends from school

buggy users !


streaming media technology enables you to add audio, video and other multimedia files to your web site

we chat on instant messenger every day, so i am always up to date what is going on in her life abroad


guarantees the protection of the users’ personal data – INTERNET PRIVACY

please send your resume as an attachment to the mail


it’s good to erase your cookies from time to time

it sounded serious but he typed in a smiley face at the end

smiley face


i prefer the new tab option to multiple windows

whats going on? someone must have hacked my account

they produce very reliable hardware, particularly keyboards

reliable – solidny


i have the news site set as my homepage so i get to read about the latest news automatically when i open the browser

how do i know which websites you visited? i viewed the history

just click on the icon and it will open a new window


i installed monitoring software to control the kids’ internet activity

rechargeable – nadajace sie do powtornego uzycia


mobile phones generally obtain = get power from rechargeable batteries

do you know any cool smarthphone applications?/aps


appliance – devise

does the appliance allow span email



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