time consuming activities

i need to embroider my name on a pillow for a sewing class

bowling is easy, you just need to knock down as many pins as possible with the ball

rolling pin – walek do ciasta

pin – pinezka, szpilka

bowling pin

pin – personal identification number

snug = cosy

snug = tight

unkempt = shaggy

they are shooting a new film

not a lot going on at this moment

also -ran – osoba przegrana!

speech impediment – wada wymowy = impediment

bout of ilness (napad choroby)

incest – kazirodztwo

lethal = deadly = fatal

lethality rate

to feign sickness

blood count – morfologia

iron deficiency

deficiency – niedobor

cardiac arrest – zatrzymanie akcji serca

caesarean section – cesarkie ciecie

life support – podtrzymujacy zycie

the man has suffered severe brain damage and is currently on life support

lisp is a speech impediment, just like stuttering

the baby was so large that the doctor had to perform a caesarean section

i used to feign sickness to avoid going to school

he resigned from work due to another bout of illness

the test showed that my blood count was almost back to normal

the report showed an apalling lethality rate among children who have contracted malaria

contract = shrink

contract – zarazic sie wirusem

sarah was determined to carry on studying despite being bedridden by the second cardiac arrest

secretion – wydzielina

stomach secretion – wydzielina zoladkowa


digestive juices

gland – gruczol, wezel chlonny

secretion – substance released from a gland or cell

the bullet went through muscle tissue

each tissue type has its function

he had a scar along his face

tissue – tkanka

abnormal growth of body tissue  = tumour

cast – hard bandage that is wrapped around broken bone to keep it in place

malignant – expected to grow and get much worse (related to cancerous cells)

cancerous cells

syringe – strzykawka

 a cylinder shaped piece that attached to a needle and can be filled with liquid, used e.g. to apply vaccines


bedsores – wounds that develop on patient’s body from lying in one place for too long

this new drug can help infertile couple

infertile = sterile

drool saliva

incision – naciecie

beehive = hive – ul

HIVES – pokrzywka

benign – lagodny, niezlosliwy

dizziness = nausea

droll = saliva

seizure = convulsion

incision = cut

sudor – sweat

benign cancer

hives – pokrzywka = rash

i broke out in a rash after eating raw celery

he suffered an epileptic seizure

the nurse reached for a sterile syringe to take a blood sample

we are hoping the tests will show the lump in her breast is benign

the patient exuded a strong smell of sudor

the healing, sanative environment of mountains and fresh air will help you recover

i am really overwhelmed by my health disorders

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