no prob

old vocabulary!

so many years and I still pop up to write something just to make my English better and practise somewhere as just noting vocab down somewhere on a piece of paper does not serve as good as actually putting it to practice here!


dungeon master, why did i take notice of it?

play it cool

passover, actually approaching!

I am a houseproud (sometimes..  :D)

hostile man

she has been heading up the team for a long time [head up – to lead]

see sb off the station

Persona non grata – (undesirable, unwanted person; intruder)

I might also include other interesting facts or things that catch my eye 😉 


Lyon is a city in France. It is one of its largest cities just after Paris and Marseille.

back to vocabulary 😛


shipwreck = survivor

mercenery = (adj) self-interested

mercenery – najemca

LEPRECHAUN – check it for yourself 😛

flotsam – floating pieces of a shipwreck


elude = sneak out



informative – rich in information


allround – universal, wszechstronny


not necessarily

we are out of time

pocket money – allowance

mutual similar common

united we stand, divided we fall – zgoda buduje, niezgoda rujnuje

dumpster – kontener (na odpadki)

venom-jad, złośliwość

deal-breaker – czynnik uniemozliwiajacy zawarcie umowy

still – motionless


ligthning striking distance – pole razenia

meet up with sth – krzyzowac sie z ( np. drogi)

feature film – film dlugometrazowy

lovebirds ❤

any of us was there


headmistress = headmaster

mind you – zauwaz lub uwazaj

snap decision – hastily

tit – sikorka


pull up – zatrzymac pojazd

punch – cios pięścią

trinity – trojca

repentance – skrucha

flyover – defilada

pain subsides

waves subside

irreverent – lacking respect


moor – wrzosowisko

shameless – arrogant – pushy – insolent



carnal – bodily, sexual, physical

cannery – fabryka konserw


offshoot – odgałęzienie

outlet for my emotions – ujscie dla emocji

send off – usunac z boiska

catamaran – tratwa

huddle – gather


hooked on = addicted to

expenditure – outgoings

unbearable noise

tinned – puszkowany

readjust – dostosowac sie do nowej sytuacji; poprawic, dostroic

scour = search

to slurp a soft drink

appalled – shocked

bewildgering – staggering – stunning – dazzling


like a rosebud

cobbled street



backdrop – scenery


transfiguration – przeobrazenie










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