what do i do? i know how it really is

all the rage = the latest trends

clothes&fashion = vogue

dagger – sztylet

shoestring = shoelace

frilled blouse – bluzka z falbankami

frills – falbanki

straitjacket – kaftan bezpieczenstwa

hem – rabek tkaniny

dress to kill

seams – szwy

cloak – a type of jacket without sleeves, fastened at the neck and hangs loosely from the shoulders,

worn especially in the past

cloak-and-dagger activities are secret and mysterious

hand in glove with somebody= working closely

the bus was bursting at the seams – pekac w szwach

its not fair to ask Tim to speak ‘off the cuff’ – bez namyslu

the book tells you how to cook delicious meals on a shoestring (skapy budzet)

vincent refused to let his bosses put him in a straitjacket

they’ve been having a lot of cloak-and-dagger meetings at work

lisa will leave ben if she starts to feel that she is hemmed in ( to surround sb so you cannot grow easily, put too much attention not leaving any free space) 

mel is hand in glove wih victor

skimpy top – kusy top

without frills – bez bajerow, bez dodatkow

casual clothes

dress down – underdressed

frumpy – no taste in clothes

if a style catches on, does it become more or less popular?

if a friends asks if a party is going to be ‘a dressy do’, what do they want to know?

thats a very snazzy outfit! [odlotowy]

cloack everything in such secrecy?

dress code – zasady ubioru np. w firmie

a slave to fashion

ahead of your time – z wyprzedzeniem, przed czasem

By indolentlady

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