pettish – grymasnie, zrzedliwie

how about animal print

striped dress


lacy lingerie


even when you are fed up with everything you can still notice that the sun is still shining

ambitious = aspiring = high flying = challenging

go-getter = attain



we have to be attentive when the lecturer gives us a lesson


he gave me that defiant look ! 🙂


dishonest – fake – bogus

she welcomed me with an artificial smile



she looks in the mirror all the time. she is really vain

thats me.. funny


he isnt afraid of anything

he is really courageous, brave

she learns very quickly. she is clever, smart, intelligent, wise, knowledgeable

wise move, mate


he always buys people presents. he is very generous

she always tells you what she thinks. she is very honest, candid, frank, straightforward

please accept our sincere thanks

open, cordial


i am not very knowledgeable

i agree on this



he always laughs and tells jokes. he is very cheerful

even if she wants something very strongly, she can wait for it

she is patient


i studied a difficult maths problem for a few hours and finally i managed to understand it

i am proud of myself now


i have been calling my friend for a couple of days but she never answers the phone

worried, annoyed

i saw my boyfriend talking to a girl in a cafe

feeling of jealousy


the teacher discovered i was cheating

i was embarrassed


i have won a trip to peru

happy, on cloud nine, satisfied, glad, glee, content, in high spirits


someone has sent me a big bunch of flowers – surprised, startled

if you could have seen the startled look he gave me


gust of wind blown him back onto the 86th floor

originally he was about to commit a suicide by jumping off the observatory point

i thought i was going to get a digital camera but i was given a jumper




my whole family is away on holiday – being lonely, lonesome, feeling yearning, longing, hankering


in what situation would you feel like that?

read the clue

a farmhouse in a little village

BARN – obora



so grumpy

tell me about it


a summerhouse beside a lake

a cottage in the countryside

a farmhouse in a little village


trying to offer long-term solutions to poverty

personally i believe that everybody should be given the chance to fulfill their potential and make  a difference


my grandma has her own vegetable garden and she grows cucumbers and onions

in big cities the air is very polluted so people often suffer from asthma


wakey wakey

rise and shine


the walls in the bathroom were transparent so everybody could see her taking a shower

she chose tiles with sea motives


i shared the photo publicly after a couple of months

how much is the rent?

you can find all the information in ad i posted


how many rooms are there in the flat

is the kitchen well equipped

when can i move in


master of arts

i am just trying to get bachelor’s degree

i need to get a university degree


he got no help and finally dropped out of school

school equipment

60 page copybooks are perfect

three folders


why not chime in? – wtracic sie do rozmowy

we use it to look up words we dont know


we use it to write on the blackboard

can i get the pen


she is really strict / stern

she is attending parent teacher meeting this evening

she is such a geek

such a swot

dont expect a school geek to attend a football practice

its just an exaggeration man


do you always read set books?

honestly? during my school time i never got to read any set book

how i felt? well.. excited and a little bit frightened that we could actually get caught by the headmaster

fortunately for us nothing like that ever happened


can i unplug it?




can i have a sarnie? = sandwich

leftover – pozostalosci


she was really gifted, talented


keep the bugs at bay

how much time does it take you

do you have good marks at school? what are you good at?


you’ve got low marks

i am light headed

do you know how to do a headstand


climbing frame = jungle gym = drabinka

lean against the wall now please


the winner takes it all ! 🙂

could you explain it to me in some more details?

sometimes she explains the same thing a few times and she never gets annoyed


textbook = coursebook

improve your academic results

provided you know how to study effectively


you remember information stored in your short term memory

the most common mistakes among exam takers

work out what you do wrong man :)))))


the results of the exam will definitely be the worst you can get

equip yourself with a bottle of mineral water

what are the exact dimensions of this room?






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