listening practice


some people stand in the darkness                       1 mistake / correction has been made

afraid to  step into the light

some people need to help somebody                 1 mistake/ correction has been made

when the edge of surrenders in site                     1 line missing/ the line has been completed

dont you worry

its gonna be alright

cause i am always ready

i wont let you out of /outta/ my side


ill be ready /whenever you fear/

i will be ready

never dont you feel

i will be ready

forever and always

i am always here


in us we all have the power

but sometimes its so hard to see

that instinct is stronger than reason

its just human nature to me

dont you worry


whenever you fear

oh dont you fear


try try try

keep on believing  ;)))

turn it on

turn it up


i love the way you make me feel

i love it

i am thinking about her  every second every hour

doin my singing in the shower

taking paddles off the flowers


does she love me

i aint a player


you give me that kind of something

want it all the time need it everyday

honestly i dont want tell them that i hide ya

never get enough

i cant stay away


uh its not a piece of cake


By indolentlady

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