way out of the line

prosperity shone out all over manhattan

where she remembered farm land

farm land – pola uprawne, ziemie

where she remembered farm land, now there was street after street of elegant brownstone houses


street after street of elegant houses

elegant brownstone houses = typical to nyc building


crick – bolesny skurcz, bol

buildings so high she got a crick in her neck looking up at them

sidewalks paved (wybrukowany)

paved = cobbled


streets well lit

overhead trains



there was even talk of running one underground too

length of material


they sold everything from furs to a length of material

i will not shed a tear

making assumptions


just stop making assumptions

set of buttons please


this pond is very muggy


swampy waste ground


waste ground – ugor, ziemia niczyja

they squatted there in squalid (zapyzialy) shanties with her pigs and goats


exhaust pipe – rura wydechowa

shanty – buda, rudera



wonderful place to escape to

but to her mind the new brooklyn bridge was more splendid

it totally slipped my mind


man-made miracle

engineering and artistry (kunszt, mistrzostwo) working hand in hand

working hand in hand


i cannot be in two places at once

withstand temptation

withstand separation


brave separation

brash = cheeky

retain your dignity


time machine – wehikul czasu

hearing a peal of laughter, she glanced over her shoulder to the wheel house

glance over your shoulder – spojrzec przez ramie


a peal of girlish laughter – salwy smiechu

she had selected this boat purely out of sentimentality.


her father was a river man on the thames

she doubled the amount she had first intended to offer


my skin peels

schodzic, luszczyc sie


member of parliament

the girl could buy herself a pretty dress


they could of course be laughing at her, but that didnt matter

ache for something – pragnac czegos


ache for friv

if i fall for you i will never be the same

when words cannot explain the amount of failure



i am going extinct


when someone is so stupid it makes you speechless



By indolentlady

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