no pain no gain?



cannot render the file

enter title here


no.1 bestselling author


scour = rummage

she scoured the shops for a suitable dress

she has been scouring the dirty pots for hours now



cheerfully assisting me in the enormous research needed for this book


the laughs we had along the way


permanent reminder

remaining a dear friend



to harriet not just for their skill

they have worked so hard on my behalf

i appreciate it more than mere words can say


extensive knowledge of american history


obscure questions


you inspired me more than you realized

knowledgeable – wnikliwy, znajacy sie na rzeczy

astoundingly helpful


it would be impossible to list all of the vast number of books i read


they deserve a special mention

those books were so stimulating


they gave me tremendous insight into how it was before


eastward – na wschod, ku wschodowi

westward – na zachod, ku zachodowi

particularly outstanding


westward journey

whereabouts – miejsce pobytu


soiled – zabrudzony, wybrudzony

i met briefly

she smiled at him briefly and then turned away


briefly, the problem was he wanted to buy it and i didnt

launderette – pralnia samoobslugowa


places of historical interest

i remember you with fondness, if not all your individual names

in the middle of the nevada desert




By indolentlady

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