in the blink of an eye

it all happened in the blink of an eye

scour american bookshops for my research material


bow – dziob statku

blustery = windy

take your feet off the table right away

we used to live in a street off central park


wind coming straight in off the atlantic

wheelhouse = pilothouse – sterowka


never stop chasing your dreams

weather beaten face


cast off – odcumowac

before making ready to cast off

they looked down through the window at the old lady


she would be a perfect model with this poise

POISE – pewnosc siebie


poise – wytwornosc gracja



swathed in sth – owiniety

sable coat and matching hat


too fashionably dressed for someone of advanced years

my children are so dainty when it comes to food

dainty – przysmak, smakolyk



that sort of woman

he went over to the phone

those boots were hardly suitable for a boat trip

he was more concerned that she ha no companion


her stance – nastawienie, postawa

scan – przegladac, przeszukiwac, uwaznie ale szybko teren


waterfront – nadbrzeze

he found the way her eyes scanned the waterfront very suspisious

her folks are out looking for her


she got out of a fancy carriage

if she catches a chill we will be blamed


he scratched his head

if we dont take her, someone else will, and maybe rob her too


goddam it

i want to please her

its a whole lot too much

she half smiled at that

the elderly – starsi, ludzie w podeszlym wieku

the very needy


the elderly, the very needy

pluck at his heart strings


with no strings attached!?

fuck off

back off


plucking my eyebrow’s

pluck – szarpac struny, brzdakac


the needy, the elderly always plucked at his heart strings


she shrugged and walked away

its been long since forgotten

she had long since lost count of the loans he’d make to his brothers and sisters which were never repaid


tenement – dom czynszowy


that was one of the reasons why they still lived in a cramped tenement

that fur cost a whole lot more than we can make in a couple of years

she shrugged


dismissive shrug – lekcewazace wzruszenie

chug along


past the busy wharves

wharf = wharves

nabrzeze, przystan

canary wharf


the old lady took a deep breath of the smoky, fishy-smelling air

smoky – zadymiony, wypelniony dymem


she smiled at the memories it evoked

evoke – wywolywac, przywolywac




in the intervening years – w tym czasie

the place had changed dramatically


crammed with – zapelniony czyms

in her time


quay = waterfront = wharf

cobbled quay


flapping in the wind, swinging in the wind

sails flapping in the wind

flapping and crackling – szeleszczacy






warehouse – magazyn, skla

he saw the warehouse ahead

a clerk took us back to the warehouse


he ran across the warehouse to the opposite end

saloon – bar, szybk


rickety – chwiejny, rozklekotany, chybotliwy

higgledy-piggledy – w bezladzie


the ships were mostly steamers

all of fine sturdy brick


sturdy – mocny wytrzymaly


stevedore – robotnik portowy

yelling to one another


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