tom flung his arms around her neck

fling – zarzucic

quick recap


outing – wycieczka

wyjawienie preferencji seksualnych

one good deed takes her into another world


poacher  – klusownik

poor, but determined


where will courage take her?

never ever look back

sixteen-year-old girl


flower girl

covent garden flower girl

flower girl – kwiaciarka


she is a poor covent garden girl until the day she saves the life of tabitha

minister – dyplomata, dyplomatka, posel ; pastor


she is offered the chance of a liftetime

she leaves behind london’s slums and enters the darkest corners of new york

travel across the plains to the wild west

san francisco is in the grip of gold rush


be in the grip of sth – byc czyms owladnietym

gold rush – goraczka zlota


streetwise – cwany, obrotny

my mother is very strong-willed


strong-willed = determined = do-or-die = single-minded



forge – rozpoczac, utworzyc, np. nowa znajomosc

kuc wykuwac

she forges a new life for herself


pioneer – osadnik

a man to whom she is deeply attracted

rip – rozpruwac, rozedrzec


carry on never looking back

brave separation – stawic czolo

brave – stawic czolo

face = brave



i could drive us all the way from missouri to the west coast of america


laughs we had along the way

who would have thought when we met working for yellow pages all those years ago that our lives would take us so fall apart


yet our hearts and minds would stay firmly linked


By indolentlady

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