an outing

the guy specialize in rousing the snake (ozywiac, podjudzac, wzniecac)

lurk – czychac, czaic sie, podpatrywac z ukrycia


the guy specializes in rousing the snake that lurks in the perfectly cut grass of american suburbia

the book brings the secrets and lives of three people into collision


trademark  – znak towarowy

trademark – cecha charakterystyczna

a stroll in excellent company


do you want something to kill time this morning?

atmospheric music

brilliance – swietnosc, splendor


a masterful story – mistrzowski

outstanding = distinctive = stand alone – wyrozniajacy sie na tle innych

wit and irony


flair – zamilowanie

his flair for exposing a naked body


constantly twisting novel

suspenseful – pelen napiecia


lets go for some outing or something

outing – ucieczka

tour de force – majstersztyk


tour de force = masterpiece

he engages the readers from the first page

it just came to my mind


expect certain thrills

his talent in high gear na wysokim poziomie


talents in crime writing

with love and gratitude

but maybe everything that dies someday comes back


the past refuses to stay buried

a suburban wife and mother of two

there is a chance to put things right


yield = pander to sb or sth = ulegac kaprysom, ustepowac

celebrity – obsessed rich kids

a detective who cannot let go of a cold case


cane = walking stick

knew it 😉

By indolentlady

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