with all due respect..

.. we are not friends anymore

you maintain many different identities

you dont even know that


labels are important to the living

wiping out the competition


WIPING OUT THE COMPETITION. thats what i want right this moment !!!!!

how in the world did they do that?

she drank it in one gulp


they are gonna be punished severely !

i was severely ill and had to go to hospital

attention deficit disorder


he is known for painting her blue haha

cassette tape has been discovered


screaming under the water

i am glad he is leaving


mum, the dish is clean


what the heck


i’ve done my good deed for the day

ultimately = eventually = in the end



it will be by your side

i insist you to try some of my pie

hope life is treating you well


how are you holding up

you burnt your rival’s house down if that is not desperate i dont know what is

hang on

he moved out i know it


did you come together

i didnt do that thing you accuse me of


just drop it, would you?

maybe we could drop it and go home

he dropped studies in his fourth year

she wiped drops of sweat from her face


she has been accused of arson

arson is not an easy burden to bear


your secret is not an easy burden to bear

bring it up

on his way over


look at the postmark

she got it the day she died

he is gonna know your behind this


he hung up on me

!! i love old movies

he got last minute call


doe-eyed – o lanich oczach

doe-eyed susan

doe sarna


she is throwing herself athim


throw herself at sb – przystawiac sie

where the hell you two’ve been

wrestling with them


he does not ring the door bell

cable guy

this marriage is so over


the schedule overbooked me

i’ve got stuff to do

he may have a concussion – wstrzasnienie mozgu


he hit his head on the tap

do i need a motive to do sth nice?

the police discovered the motive for the murder


i cant wait for you to try it

mincemeat !!

i will make a mincemeat of you – zetre cie na miazge


you can save it for later

i’ve got confession to make

quite a catch


lovely solo at church last week

i hope it wasnt something i said





hot water heater – bojler

water heater

i cant afford that


i must have dropped the measuring cup in the process

cant this wait until morning

i dont want to get in the middle of anything


taking back what ours

nothing to be ashamed about

coming at ya

here we go


you’d better go get that

tossing the frisby round

you seemed distant


see it up close and personal

is that why your doing this



troubled person

stay right there

self medication couldnt hurt


strain yourself

keep going


neither  do i

nasty piece of work

i hate your guts


quietly but decidedly

the simplest explanation was usually the right one

an acquaintance ?

or a neighbor that lives a few feet away


hating your guts




By indolentlady

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