walls have ears – simple as that


honeybee keeping


all the services

i am gonna call the social services unless you stop acting like this

learn something about the state and our society

can you put the rubbish out


what about your social life

do you have any friends



it’s a maintenance of bee colonies

could you please fix the socket? it has fallen from the wall almost completely


the car has been customized to your needs

one honeycomb



this is a non profit company

i did a lot of research


beekeeping – a maintenance of honeybee colonies commonly in hives, by humans

i am afraid electricity bills are not included in the price




do you like science??

he has dropped out of school

he has been expelled from school for that inappropriate behavior


shameful, wicked behaviour

she gave him a wicked smile and just drove off

she got into her car and drove off


the man got into the police car and just drove off

play truant = play hooky

ma – master of arts


you yourself come up with this idea

i’ve got a good authority

good authority – wiarygodne zrodlo


this is my weapon

science lab

every time i board a plane i get really nervous !

first i need to get a university degree


please dont tell me its just an illusion


sexual drive, sex urge, sex drive


i performed my chores

i ran my errands

in truth i spent the day as i spend every other day


entirely glinted – glinting

with perfection


retrieve the revolver that had never been used

her curiosity aroused


she decided to return the blender she had borrowed

she’s been shot

she’s been shot to death


a grief stricken lady

there was one thing you had to know about mary she always had the ability to look on the bright side

fine, i’ll go with my ass pressed against the wall


i think its both burn and undercooked

could you look at my pipes



get over here!!!!!!!



i am so sorry for your loss

are you mad that i asked you


you know it weirds me out

it freaks me out


oh it’s a house warming gift

no need to say thank you

i’ve got pins and needles


its needless man

i’ve been staying here for almost 1 year now

clog clog clog ; )


he sat on top of a wooden chest



he doubted it

her conquers were numerous, varied and legendary


the race for mike had begun

i would invite you in but i was in the middle of something


all the residents came to pay their respects

santa’s cell phone

can you keep your voice down please


people are starting to stare

considerably cooler

i’ll need the basket back once you finished


i will need the basket back once you done

their relation was considerably cooler

people are totally different on the inside


leaving her for the secretary

we all have moments of desperation


she should’ve got us help her

what kind of problems could she had


i wouldnt have eaten this

do you have a death wish?


i am definitely getting closer

they were burdened with this


she has got a skeleton in her closet

but now she was about to discover how exciting her life could get


it would be in pour taste

it has been shattered

they gathered to discover its implications


thinking carefully before digging them up

i have a question for you

i came this close to actually cleaning the house


i gotta get my work done

who asked you to spend 3 hours on dinner?

domestic life


popsicle stick

she longed to tell the truth


admitting defeat was not an option

you put onions in my salad

he recognized it constantly


lets risk it


drink milk out of carton

when she finally emerged, she was just as perfect as always

it has been running through ever since


police line do not cross


oh like rising from the ashes

you’ve been the only one thing keeping me going

engaging in small talk


anger rage ecstasy

you have no idea how annoying that is

petal – platek


there are no flaws

would you like to join us for dinner


the more, the merrier


add fuel to the fire


i dont want to intrude

say no more

i couldnt get them to sit down


willful – uparty, nieustepliwy

how are you holding up?




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