like a thunderbolt

she was acting up

she left me by the side of the road

and she just drove off

put it on


you used to take my breath away

i didnt realize anyone was going to be out here i sorta rolled out of bed !!


roll out of bed

roll-out = launch


every time i think how wonderful my life could be i can barely breathe


ungracious – niemily, nieuprzejmy

kind ., the opposite – ungracious


how about i cook?

you said you were a lousy cook

the food was lousy


work out at the gym

buckle up  please

fasten your seatbelts


measuring cup

measuring jug

ewer = jug


how did it get in here?

would you put that down?


the case is infidelity

she has been cheating on him ever since he lost his interest


he thought he had seen it all

he had never before told a woman how to raise her children


get in your car please

step back


stop beating around the bush

troublesome kid = willful


garbage dump !

garbage dump – wysypisko smieci


you need to get back in your car

back off

it cost me an arm and a leg


hope you set up

i dont know why he barks at you


acknowledge your benefits

shirts freshly pressed

lets toss a coin !

she tossed him the keys


they tossed a coin to decide who should go to the shop

what future holds for me


toss a salad

i can barely get him to sit

warming up to susan


you must be so relieved

it was my wife’s dog. i promised to look after him


the beauty that waits to be unveiled

unveil = reveal


the mysteries that long to be uncovered

uncovered = concealed



she was sobbing in the street

save a draft, template


template – wzor, model


flickering light – migocacy

her brain turns to mash


she abandoned her husband and her son


its not enough to want !!

its not enough to want the truth. you must know where to look for it


illusive stage effect – sztuka iluzjonistyczna

illusive !!


you’ve done more that enough. truly

color palette


there were no appliances back then

back breaking work (np w ogrodzie)


you put onions in my salad

sugar in my tea

as time goes by


she has been challenged

it was not an innocent play

this is the time to get creative


move it !

angry management issues

By indolentlady

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