have your life at your feet

i would like to write a book someday..

i think i could do that


discredit – nieufnosc, powatpiewanie

i am sorry for this

i’ll get everything cleaned up


would you prefer to see me watching  a cable

so dont wine !

i turned sitter away


i turned away the sitter

nice meeting you

what are they?

hope this isnt a bad time


such a late notice


i dont know if you are ready for any social engagement yet


we are sort of throwing it in your mother’s honor

she was ready to let go of her anger


i dont need a pamphlet – broszura – leaflet – booklet

holding hands




dental floss

find the balance


this ride was far from over

usually i have whole speech prepared


took responsibility for your behavior

i locked myself out naked


i’d love to go somewhere if the invite still stands

there is so much to see

make the most of it


accidentally poisoned her husband


everyone has a little dirty laundry


indulge yourself

to live in a fear is not to life at all


discarded = disregarded candidates

one night stand


i held on to only one thing – my memory

gentle elegance of her hands

try to keep appearances


search for decorating ideas


pointing out the reality

once he host is dead the party is off

the party is called off


looking forward to night out

backhand getting better


child support

you cannot afford child support ? = maintenance

i went jogging and pushed myself too hard


marriage counseling

did the sky fall?

has your life come crashing down?

human remains



looks like we have an audience


first thing in the morning

to live in fear is not to live at all



By indolentlady

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