oh just exaggeration

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky

all afraid of what the result of school leaving exam would be
twins being born

but only one of them has actually become a farmer
believe it or not, they all teach maths

he is a shopkeeper
sales representatives

they are getting unemployment benefit
flight attendant

household articles

how can you possibly act like that
I am gonna become this fucking sworn interpreter !!!

short term objectives :
perform at work
improve my English
get to know as many people as possible
get to know the place I live in, try to visit all the famous places, have an outline of the city in my mind
gain self-esteem
give my family some reasons to be proud of
try to be kind and polite to people
do some sports and follow a sensible diet

long term objectives :
put some money aside for the trip of my dreams
get a good, decent, respectable job in the city I study
pass all the exams
sit a CPE and TOEFL exam
find a new hobby
learn languages
improve my knowledge of german language
extend my knowledge in geography and history areas
complete my studies
become a sworn interpreter !!

By indolentlady

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