i used to know that

confused for some time

she has now lived in pimlico


she thinks of herself as a londoner

stuff you forgot from school

she went to university in sheffield


she has worked in publishing for nearly 20 years

i was about to buy those root red vegetables but i forgot the name !

oh yeah, radish!


edible root vegetable

mature students

she has forgotten at least ninety per cent of everything she has ever known about any of those subjects

simile – porownanie


its an appropriate simile

i make my life harder than it is

i make my life harder than it needs to be


in the course of doing sth

in the course of talking


everybody i spoke to had been to school


square root – pierwiastek kwadratowy

the square root of 16 is 4

strike a chord – poruszyc czula strone


future perfect simple

by the time you read this, i will almost certainly have forgotten most of them

i want to thank you, for making it happen and for sharing my loathing of wuthering heights


i havent had room to include them all

vetting – sprawdzenie, weryfikacja

they are old enough to start forgetting this sort of stuff


they are just beginning to learn it

function they perform in a sentence

collective nouns = group of things

proper noun – the name of a person, place or whatever that requires a capital letter



By indolentlady

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