your time has come to shine

use either hand to hold the door

short = dwarfed

offensive = insulting


the man’s face was unsightly

unsightly = hideous

find synonyms or antonyms of these adjectives in the text


you need to go to the gym in order to do sth with those flaccid muscles

flaccid muscles


he is lanky

my brother’s best mate is lanky

the building is very low


i am still mad about you

hi-top converse finally!!!!!!!!!


the concept of beauty has changed throughout the centuries

what does it mean to be beautiful?

low-top shoes


what has always been true is that pretty people seem to have more friends, better family relations, better salaries at work

what attracts us to the opposite sex is not only biologically but also culturally defined

scientist have discovered


is not only biologically, but also culturally defined

in the primitive cultures attractive people were rather plump than skinny


being skinny could mean lack of ability to have children for a woman and being not strong to hunt or defend family for a man

even a hundred years ago, overweight people were perceived as having higher social status.


it was completely flawless


By indolentlady

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