we can stay forever young

now, when looking good means almost anorectic, the concept of beauty has completely changed

men prefer blondes

i am a hazard to myself


men are said to prefer women with fair hair.

blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin are synonyms of delicacy and softness

delicacy and softness, important features for a woman


she should be weaker than a man, and he is supposed to support her and take care of her

dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin might be sexually attractive, but mean potential danger


ladies look more at mens’ muscles, and he can be bald if only he is well built

we can stay forever young


it has been observed that faces with regular features are perceived as more attractive. the size of the nose, chin and ears should be small. on the other hand, big eyes and broad cheeks are seen as prettier


a man should have a triangle shape : broad chest and narrow hips

woman’s breasts and buttocks should be of the same with and the waist clearly marked


what we look like not only determines whether we are sexually attractive

it also appears to influence the way our personality is perceived

straight hair, with a parting or highlights, is seen as a sign of professionalism


what clothes will you wear when you apply for a job in a big, international company

when do you want to meet?

any time that might suit you


this sweatshirt does not go with the trousers

you know it can last longer

you apply for a job as a teacher in a secondary school


he earns an enormous salary

he works for an advertising agency

you need to measure the width of the windows before you change them


human being will help you multiple times more

have a conversation with a native american for at least 30 minutes



make new international friends when practicing english


By indolentlady

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