they say the sooner the better

for here or to go?

set the table please

lay the table please


make the bed please

tom, you forgot to make your bed!

i will make my bed later


you sit on it at the table

you put your books on it – bookshelf

you hang your clothes there – wardrobe


you need it when you put your make up on

you use it to cover the windows = curtains, blinds, venetian blinds

i would store clothes, books and sports equipment in the basement




mingle with people

cellar = basement

kitchenette – aneks kuchenny


a small flat – some ideas to survive

i’ve got really vivid imagination


flats cost a fortune

even a very small flat can seem bigger if only you know some tricks

tables for six


your big, old table will have to be replaced with a smaller one

tiny table for eating and working

it is a clever idea to have  transparent plastic chairs or a glass table – its like they are not there and the room seems to be bigger



storage – magazynowanie

rain keeps falling down

the biggest problem is where to put things


the first rule is to throw away as much as you can

what definitely adds space is perspective


eternal peace to you 🙂

forget about heavy curtains !

white blinds are much better


if possible, do not cover the windows at all

mirrors reflect the light so dont only use them in the bathroom

a kitchenette in the hall and tiny toilet are more common


light, shiny tiles and mirrors should be used in small bathrooms and toilets


a small kitchen might open into the living room

summer house – altana AS WELL


living room = lounge

furniture and equipment

chest of drawers


piping hot meal

bardzo goracy


painting – obraz

i love those 21 century’s paintings

william shakespeare wrote 37 plays


the flat was small but it had high ceiling

wash the vegetables in the kitchen sink


the walls in the bathroom were transparent so everyone could see her taking a shower

she chose blue tiles with sea motives for the toilet

pinafore dress – sukienka bez rekawow


self – hatred – nienawisc do siebie samego

think of other questions you could ask landlord/landlady


is it far from the city centre

who pays the bills

how many rooms are there in the flat


is the kitchen well-equipped?

electricity bills are not included in the price


it is furnished and it seems to be nicely decorated

move to trash



By indolentlady

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