its never too late, we still got time :)

mixing prints - checked trousers with spotted or striped blouse - is also a tasteful way to add some interest to it 
animal prints? give it a shot 

do you wear tights in the winter? 
when you jog, you should wear a tracksuit 

would you like to go for a jog with me? 


shoes and accessories 
buckle = give in 

you smashed it ! ;) 

hairnet - siatka na wlosy 

sunglasses = spectacles 

i am wearing spectacles 

spectator = lookeron 

moviegoer = cinemagoer 

trainers = adidasy 

baggy trousers 

cotton - bawelnialy 

wolly - polglowek, matol 

this shop only sells hand made lace 
he wore blue tennis shoes that didnt have any laces 

materials, patterns and styles 


i felt awkward when wearing a smart blazer at this very particular moment 
hickey = love bite 

activate your vocabulary 

launch a venture - otworzyc firme 

set up a business 

look at the picture on page 15 and find 5 more mistakes in it 

correct the mistakes 

silky scarves 

loaf of bread 

compendium - repetytorium 

validate your ticket ! 
if you fail to show your ticket on demand you will be prosecuted 

bow tie 

lingerie = underwear 

cross out the material, style or pattern which does not match the clothes 


leather, suede shoes / boots 
corduroy trousers 

flared corduroy trousers 

stylish, tight jeans 

By indolentlady

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