in the middle of nowhere

living in the city

living in the country



dangerous safe






dead and alive  = booooring

a skyscraper in the capital city

theatres, cinemas and other forms of entertainment


i got nervous.. so what?

who could blame him?

who is to blame?


i encountered people from canada, romania and france

a cottage in the countryside

a farmhouse in the village


he lives a simple life in the countryside as a farmer

a summer house beside  a lake


answer the questions, using the expressions above

when did she dream to live in?

what place did she finally find

four bedroom flat


i always wanted to move out of the city and live in the countryside

those busy streets

crowds everywhere

hustle and bustle


too expensive for a couple of school teachers

the only way they could afford


she was stuck in a traffic jam

elbowing her way through the crowd

she couldnt decide what was worse : busy streets or the stuffy air in her office


the windows were closed

a summer house beside the lake

lying on the lawn, looking at her vegetable garden or roses


they were sitting on the grass

with bird singing in the clean air


she finally decided to fulfill her dream

put on a clean shirt

the night was dark and overcast (zachmurzony) \

there was a big factory in the neighbourhood

it was too close to the motorway


it is really nicely located

there was a forest and a small river nearby


the house was definitely too big for her. she wanted something cozier

she stopped the car and looked at the map

it must be one of these !


he was chatting up other girls as well

pavement = sidewalk

motorway = freeway = highway


he turned the car left onto the motorway

the features of character

character traits


they could see a blue lake in the distance and a row of little houses beside the lake

its safe to live with neighbors so close

she felt a strange feeling deep inside


she felt as if she was returning home from a long journey

she knew she had finally found what she was looking for

even later, when she finally learnt the cottage was in fact a summer house

with no heating and hot water


she was sitting by the lake

she was sitting beside the lake


detached house

semi-detached house


terraced house

take out a loan – wziac pozyczke


describing the location

be stuck in a traffic jam


beside the lake

busy streets



in the country

in the countryside


in the suburbs

polluted = contaminated

in the middle of nowhere, really


nicely loated

on a river

a cottage in the middle of nowhere, on a river


public transport – komunikacja publiczna

summerhouse -altana


vegetable garden

honey you are at the head of the company

complete the sentences with the words from the box


with these traffic jams it is more comfortable to use public transport – at least you can read on the bus

she’s got a vegetable garden and grows her own cucumbers and onions


people often suffer from asthma

she loved the atmosphere of the city, with its busy streets and high buildings


one of the areas in a town


didn’t think we’d ever part !

you shattered my dreams, tore me apart


By indolentlady

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