i need to put her tips to use

baggy t-shirt

patterned t-shirt

patterned cardigan

plain skinny jeans


black socks

sports shoes


what does your working wardrobe say about you

if you thought you could survive in baggy tshirts in the office, you might be wrong


although some companies praise causal clothing

she was praised for being an outstanding publicist


if it is about communication (for example in a bank)

you should appear elegant and businesslike


if you are a woman, wear a blouse (but avoid anything too patterned)

a skirt (but not a miniskirt)

and a jacket


he is your boss, he sets a standard

flip-flops and sports shoes are unacceptable; so are romantic gowns – they make you look unprofessional


avoid being underdressed, but also being overdressed

tick the items one can wear for a job interview


dont wear a blouse with animal print, stilettos or sophisticated jewellery

avoid sophisticated jewellery


chic silk scarves

use stylish bags to avoid boredom

wear a shirt (not necessarily white)


add a non-standard element

hiking boots

red trainers worn with a floral knee length dress and a formal jacket


mixing prints – for example checked trousers with a spotted or striped blouse – is also a tasteful way to add some interest to it

wearing shorts, wellingtons, dungarees or overalls for an interview in some companies would definitely mean you have lost your chance, while in others it will guarantee you will be noticed


you probably would like to look like their mother or aunt. if you are the boss, you must set the standard

what you wear should not distract other people (no underwear sticking out from your trousers, please!)

but it shouldnt distract you, either


your clothes should be comfortable enough for you to do the job effectively

when you are shopping think how what you want to buy will work with the rest of your wardrobe


light brown fleece might be nice, but if all your sports clothes are black, it wont go with them

spend money on quality items



By indolentlady

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