he walked out on me

it was love at first sight


family tree

gestation in elephants typically lasts two years with intervals

carbohydrates are an important part of any balanced diet


commute to work

find antonyms of these adjectives in the text

i need to earn my living


out of work = unemployed = jobless

show some patience = calmness


we need to laugh at problems

you cannot lose your temper = lose your cool


she is able to create and invent new things

your brother is a lazy slob

idle state – czas oczekiwania


i dont think he will get the job

striped tie

he is wearing a striped tie

he has put on casual trousers and hiking boots


he has forgotten to take his sunglasses

he’s got a checked hat on his head

still art = still life – martwa natura


just turn it into love

the man is definitely underdressed

sport shoes



tennis shoe = trainer – adidas

sneakers – trampki


woman’s breasts and bottom should be of the same width and the waist clearly marked

intimidated – oniesmielony


cheerless, gloomy

he is a gloomy sort of person who never smiles

he is down

wistful – smutny, teskny, melancholijny


having or showing a feeling of vague longing

longing = yearning


just follow a sensible diet

she is reasonable – sensible



unwise – goofy

fat-headed – durny







he is always telling others what to do

she really wants to be successful


she is always relaxed and quiet, even in difficult situations


courgette – cukinia

he really wants to be successful. he is aspiring, ambitious, high flying

what features of character are important in the time of economic crisis


in the prosperous times the winners were hard-working and self – confident people who could take decisions quickly


much was said about such abilities as teamwork, loyalty to the company or reliability

poor reliability


it was still more important to be ambitious and independent


pop out – go out for a moment

it seems to be the price they have to pay


features of character desirable at the time of crisis?

means being able to invent new solutions to problems and new ways to earn a living


it is a special kind of intelligence – being bright enough to know what to do when you become jobless or when your bank loan is killing you


school does not teach such things

some people are definitely clever enough to go to university, but not enough to survive


she never breaks eye contact

we are used to quick life and quick success

patience is not what we are good at


always yearned for the better?


complete the descriptions with adjectives from the text

he seemed a little perplexed but who could blame him

last, but not least


how can we be satisfied if we cant have what we want

being calm, patient and sensible means you will be able to avoid frustration and disappointment


you wont lose your temper if things dont go as you predicted



you wont suffer from depression or frustration

even if you are fed up with everything, you can still notice the sun is shining


and when you are in a good, it seems good things really happen to you!

i am accustomed to living my life this way


longing for your embrace

being bright enough to notice the sun is shining



keep calm

put the kettle on, will you?

the kettle boiled


woda sie zagotowala


frank candid

sensitive = vulnerable

sociable – outgoing



excited = aroused


will you come and join me for dinner?

lonely hearts adverts

divide the features of character from the box into positive and negative


he is not afraid of anything. he is really brave


now read the clue (haslo w krzyzowce)


he has cheated a lot of people. he is a dishonest, deceitful man

he often offends people with words. he is really rude

she learns very quickly. she is clever


she looks in the mirror all the time. she is really vain

need to stop looking in the mirror all the time

he always buys people presents. he is really bountiful


she always tell people what she thinks. she is really frank, straight forward

i am still on probation


he only thinks of himself. he is really selfish


embarrassed = ashamed

he always laughs and tells jokes. he is funny


even if she wants something very strongly, she can wait for it

she is patient


this is a training period



have you had any training at all?

i studied a difficult math problem for a few hours and finally i managed to understand it

she never answers the phone


i saw my boyfriend talking to a girl in a cafe

someone has sent me a big bunch of flowers


the teacher discovered i was cheating

i have won a trip to peru

how would you feel in the following situations?

complete the crossword with the correct adjectives


my parents did not let me go to a party

i thought i would get a digital camera as a present, but i was given a jumper and warm socks


he fondled her hand

my dog is very ill



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