thrills i get when you hold me close

style, seating, speed, service, saying hello and goodbye, selection


style – a pret has to have a lively and welcoming atmosphere. therefore each pret employee needs to look spotlessly clean and also keeping the shop neaty and tidy at all times is a must. music and temperature should be at the right levels.  check walls, floors and equipment to make sure the cleaning rotas are followed properly

a clean Pret is a stylish Pret.


selection – beautiful, handmade food needs to be displayed with love and attention on clean shelves.

our customers value all of those.


keep your counters well stocked at all times

pret customers wont come back if you keep them waiting

he will come to check up on all those things


always make your customers welcome with a warm hello and a smile.

always make eye contact

open more tills when needed


chairs once vacated should be pushed into the tables.


floors continually swept




By indolentlady

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