barely even friends

a pensive, puzzled customer forgets his wallet, leaves it on the table and just walks away. it is an incredibly hectic day. the cafe is packed out. hustle and bustle everywhere. people are elbowing their way through the crowd in order to find an empty table. sweat is running down my forehead. i am working at full capacity, serving the customers and trying to keep an eye on the abandoned wallet, as i cannot leave the cash desk, grab the property and keep it in a safe place. all of a sudden, a big fella appears out of nowhere. he approaches slowly, reaches his chubby hands and catches a hold of the belonging. ready to get away with it, becomes caught red-handed by me myself as some action had to be performed. i snatch the property from man’s hands, give a little reprimand and make my way toward back of house to leave it in safe hands.

at last, the shift is over. i ring up the lucky customer and by this generous yet simple act of reclaiming the wallet, i make the customer’s day.

By indolentlady

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