chill out

bedclothes = bed linen = bedding


duvet cover




corresponding – analogiczny, odpowiadajacy czemus

match the names of the animals with the corresponding collective nouns


canine – kiel (u czlowieka)

incisors – siekacze


canine – zwierze z rodziny psowatych

avian flu – ptasia grypa

feline grace – kocia gracja


feline – koci, z rodziny kotowatych

simian – malpi; malpa


simian = ape

ape – malpa czlekoksztaltna

bovine – bydlecy = cow

petite – filigranowy, drobny



krotka drzemka

i guess i was having a catnap

i can sleep anywhere and be fresh with half an hour’s catnap


i am completely worn out. i need a catnap to power up again


it is difficult to predict who will get the prize – there are two or three dark horses in the tournament

pay no attention to susan. she is just crying wolf again. its so typical of her

cry wolf – podniesc falszywy alarm


guinea pig – krolik doswiadczalny

they are looking for volunteers to act as guinea pig for a new flu vaccine

copycat crime – przestepstwo wzorowane na innym


have you heard about a copycat crime? it is a criminal act that is modeled on a previous crime that has been reported in the media

i haven’t seen you for donkey’s years!!

donkey’s years – bardzo dlugo


‘holy cow’ the man exclaimed when he saw the car hit the street lamp

farce – farsa


this is nothing but a farce!

kangaroo court – sad kapturowy


the prosecutor commented angrily

starving men and women begged in the streets


angrily – ze zloscia

you should not underestimate john. he may appear as if he did not know the answer but in fact he is as sly as fox

i’ve been in this business for then years. its a dog eat dog. the competition is always trying to steal your customers


his lack of understanding made him appear like a bull in a china shop

if you think i am the guilty person,you are barking up the wrong tree.

have you noticed that ever since he won the lottery ticket, he has been as conceited as a barber’s cat


its no use asking him to go and negotiate with the boss. he is as scared as rabbit and he is not going to risk his post

no, i am afraid i cant read that. i am as blind as bat without my glasses


sarah bullies the other children when at school, but she is as meek as a lamb around her elders



swarm of bees – roj, chmara pszczol

pod – stado wielorybow


congregation – alligators


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