i am not the kind of girl who gives up like that

waste matter carried away in sewers or drains 

microbe – drobnoustroj 


most pesticides in use today are petroleum-based. 

the room was quiet, as if a cyclone just blown through 

is this recyclable 


the city council has raised littering fines 

we always make sure our products are biodegradable 


renewable energy 

sustainable energy 


trigger = evoke – wywolac 

the rising awareness in global warming triggered huge interest in sustainable energy 

deforestation – wylesienie 


aubergine = eggplant – baklazan 

rapid urbanization and growing demand for food is one of the main causes of deforestation 

landfill – skladowanie odpadow 


the photographers objective was to draw public attention to the hazards ran by the children working at LANDFILL sites 


houses must be supplied with drainage that is adequate for heavy storms 

it will keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer and will also cut FUEL BILLS 


ice sheet = ice cap – wieczna zmarzlina – pokrywa lodowa 

sea level – poziom morza 


the melting of the ice caps would result in sea levels rising several metres around the world 

dam – tama, zapora 


work it to begin on a huge hydroelectric dam on a tributary of the amazon river 

work is to begin on a huge hydroelectric dam on a tributary of the amazon river 


tributary (doplyw rzeki)

withered leaves 

withered flowers 


billions of trees withered in the drought that hit the rainforest this year 

some scientists argue that this enormous ice sheet is vulnerable to the global warming 


desertification – pustynnienie 




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