despite her severe disability, she fulfilled her goals in life

medicine and teaching are more than occupations, they are professions

if you make a good impression at the interview, you will get the job.

my greatest achievement was graduating from university


detroit is renowned for the production of cars

the weatherman said there is a big possibility of rain today

athens is famous for its famous buildings


he was caught shoplifting so now he has a criminal record

some old laws are no longer effective

being unemployed is the worst thing that can happen to anyone


if you buy presents in the summer your savings can be really high

COPILOT – drugi pilot

due to the pilot’s guidance, the copilot managed to land safely


i was surprised at his refusal to give up

she is always respectful towards her parents

the hospital has the best medical equipment and fast ambulances


you can relax in the comfortable surroundings of the hotel

the entrance looked dark and there were hardly any other guests


just lookin for surgery

if you need medical help when we are closed, please ring


when we are closed you can leave non-urgent message on our answering machine

at all other times we are closed unless you have a pre-booked appointment

district nurse – pielegniarka srodowiskowa


utility bills

ankle exercise sheet

foot exercise sheet




By indolentlady

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