curvature of the spine

curvature of the spine = scoliosis – skrzywienie kregoslupa

scoliosis is a back condition that causes the spine to curve to the right or left side

she’s gone away for two weeks

back condition that causes the spine to curve to the right or left side

most cases develop in children

case przypadek

most cases develop in children between the ages of 9 and 14 during the growth spurt of puberty

growth spurt – przyspieszenie wzrostu dziecka


the latest price spurt

scoliosis is usually mild and needs no treatment


for more severe cases treatment includes a back brace and surgery to straighten the back

the word scoliosis comes from the Greek word meaning CROOKED.

i’ve got my ups and downs, i’ve got mood swings sometimes


the spine should look straight, up and down, when you look at someone from behind


he was looking at me from behind

sick of cliche? so are we

someone bumped into him from behind

the director came out from behind his desk

she came out from behind the counter


sideways curve

if the spine has a sideways curve, it is called a scoliosis

the bend can curve to the right or to the right


BEND – zagiecie, zgiecie

curve ball – podkrecona pilka

he hardly recovered from a severe illness


morphology – the study of how words are built

morpheme – the smallest sign in language (the smallest form with specific meaning)






screwdriver – srubokret


the severity of the curve can vary from very mild and barely noticeable to severe

the curve (bend) can be in the lower part of the spine, in the upper part of the spine or go from the upper to lower part of the spine.

in some cases there is a double curve – like an S shape


look at someone from behind

look at someone from the side

normally there are three front-to-back curves in the spine – one in the neck, one in the chest section, and one in the lower back


postural scoliosis

this is different to a scoliosis

in this type the spine is structurally normal, but looks curved because of another condition such as differing LEG LENGTH

differing views – rozniace sie poglady


he suffered from the conditions such as differing leg length, muscle spasm in the back muscles. the curve is usually mild and it changes or goes away when the person bends sideways or forwards


bend sideways

bend forwards


fixed – staly, niezmienny, sztywny


in this case the curve is fixed and does not go away when the person changes position. there are different types

the cause is not known.

this means the curve is caused by a condition that affects muscles or nerves of the back

it may occur in some cases of polio, cerebral palsy


each of these conditions has other symptoms and problems in addition to a scoliosis

there were two people in addition to her 🙂


bone ab+normal+ity

this means the spine does not form properly when a baby develops in the womb


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