creature comforts / JULES LODGE

they went on strike for higher wages

what they discovered was a fallen tree across the street

we covered far fewer kilometers than we had hoped

they arrived at the waterfall, but then they were caught in a storm


i’d love to go back to england and do another trek, but i am not planing to for another two years or so.

i need a break before doing something like that again.

he advertised for a travelling companion on a website


i am really fascinated by marine life and deeply concerned about the devastating effect that pollution may have on it.

the authenticity of the location is what sets it apart from similar venues such as amusement parks


to enter, guests scuba dive 21 feet beneath the sea and swim through an opening at the bottom of the building

the hotel is not short of creature comforts and there are hot showers, a tv, phone and videos.

lodge – domek, chata, strozkowka


creature comforts – wygody

orchard – sad


jules lodge is dwarfed (przycmiony) by hydropolis, a project in dubai to build a luxury underwater hotel, complete with 200 suites, a ballroom and a cinema

it has been compared to a giant turtle

the aims of project are not restricted to making money through tourism

he is deeply concerned about devastating effect that pollution may have on marine life


the hope is that the hotel will make people more aware of the vast underwater ecosystem

ecosystem is currently UNDER THREAT


ecosystem – living organism, plants, animal, microbes

i am not very organised and find it really difficult to meet deadlines


dont pay the first price you are asked as you are expected to haggle


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