now that i’ve lost everything to you

she posted on my timeline

getting back onto facebook

you have notifications pending


i could cuddle you all the time 🙂

she held a doll in her tiny hands.

baby i am grieving


please take good care

get by upon your smile

the original song was released in 1920


believe me you can handle anything

O’Brian – typowe nazwisko dla irlandczykow


excalibur is a legendary sword of King Arthur

koronacja krolowej elzbiety 02.06.1953


it becomes soft when it’s heated

Edinburgh is not the biggest city in Scotland.

Glasgow is considered the largest one.

consider it done!


szkocki naukowiec ktory wynazl peniciline

a Scottish scientist who invented penicillin – alexander fleming

GREAT FIRE OF LONDON – 1666 – a bakery in Pudding Lane


he got fined for driving in a bus lane

places search

property prices


one of the occupants was slightly injured

this old lady is an only occupant of this house

emerald – szmaragd


emerald green – zielono szmaragdowy

the emerald isle – szmaragdowa wyspa – nazwa irlandii


the channel islands – wyspy normadzkie (w kanale la manche)

pudding lane – thomas farriner’s bakery was situated there

cart coming down the lane from the butchers


NORTH SEA – morze polnocne

hadrian’s wall is a border between England and Scotalnd

these words should be separated by commas


SNOWDON – is the highest peak [summit] in Wales

two mournful minutes

harp – is a welsh musical instrument


england won championships in 2005, 2006 – chelsea

arsenal f.c

what does FC stand for?


i long for your embrace

for me it’s simple. it’s a way of life

the british museum

natural history museum


alight here for


do not alight from the bus whilst it is in motion

alight = get off

the whole building was alight (burning)


you speak so low

low self-esteem


county called the garden of england

ugh, your presence stinks up the whole place. someone get a deodorant

hangman – kat


CORNWALL – the city located

cymru – wales

isle of man – douglas


like an open highway

alexander graham bell


success in the charts of english speaking countries

arthur’s seat – edinburgh


catastrophe would be visited upon the country if all the ravens quit the tower

collapse of british empire

cant keep my eyes off of you


275 tube stations in london

big ben – benjamin hall


st paul’s cathedral – sir christopher wren

westminster abbey


CHARING CROSS ROAD – a big amount of bookshops

the eldest district of london -the city


Shakespeare’s theatre – ‘Globe’

a Scottish prince, who fled the country, disguised as a woman – bonnie prince charlie, charles edward stuart

learn english anywhere, anytime


not only did she go to london but also visited many other places

we could see the lightning in the distance


smart alec = know all

you need to pull your socks up

i am gonna change my spots – zmienic charakter

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