the best thing to become acquainted with the subject is to write a book about it

sputnik was built in 1957 

the place was as lonely as a churchyard


she never breaks eye contact

who holds you tight

graveyard = churchyard = cemetery


lodge = dwell = inhabit

tangible – dostrzegalny, zauwazalny


belief that objects, such as plants and stones, or natural events, like thunderstorms or earthquakes, have a discrete spirit and conscious life


a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations

diocese – diecezja

heatwave – upal


this is creepy

i got stuck in a blizzard on my way to moscow

chastity belt  – pas cnoty


greenbelt – tereny zielone, pasy zieleni (wokol miasta)

gravy of course

rain shadow


ice cap – pokrywa lodowa, wieczna zmarzlina

spring water/branch water – woda zrodlana


bull’s eye

hey mister, i am falling for you

a period of excessively hot weather – heatwave


whirlwind – traba powietrzna

very limited button choices


farmland – pole uprawne

a zone of farmland, parks and open country surrounding a town or city – greenbelt 

a mound of snow shaped by the wind during a snowstorm


did you understand the previous lesson?

underground water that is held in the soil



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