bumper cars

loft = attic , duze mieszkanie w fabryce


attic = loft = garret

foreclosure = repossession -zajecie obciazanej hipoteki

centre around sth = center around sth – koncentrowac sie na czyms, skupiac sie na czyms


gramophone = record player – wind up record player

arizona and nevada hardly fall into that category

maybe it was never more than infatuation


there are a variety of reasons why the bubble exploded in certain regions

oh i am sorry it was meant for tom


find synonyms and antonyms for each underlined word

just rinse it under hot water

run – down – rozladowywac


these batteries can be charged when they run down

what prompted you to say that?

be gentle with yourself


daunt – zrazac sie

cluster – gromada gwiazd

clustered – rosnacy w grupach

sleek hair


cheeky = sassy

i cant think of another thing to do

i need to learn to say no


am i actually having a good time?

and thats where my ex-boyfriend dumped me!

she’s clearly not over him



it is an alternative

world’s largest art festival

come to existence


she turned up uninvited

it leaves nobody bored


and essence of the action is fighting the horrible man

she jumps into the hole to escape an unwanted marriage

he wants to return the throne to the White Queen


he aims to return the throne to the white queen

the philosophy of her original story has been lost

the deep meaning of alice’s adventure lies in the combination of a story of loss and isolation


sounds like your hair

his jokes have racist undertone

i dont know why it is such an issue


a suggestion that something unfortunate can happen, especially when the certain conditions are not met


i believe in gender equality

checked up on the girl

the truth of the matter


a set of services provided for treating the physically and mentally ill



founding of rome





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