the hand pointed to twelve and i knew it was too late

referendum = plebiscite

they are going to hold a plebiscite


enfranchisement (wyzwolenie, uwolnienie od poddanstwa; nadanie prawa wyborczego)

women’s enfranchisement took many decades to achieve

that’s because women had to persuade a male electorate to grant them the vote


but you are success driven

governmentally – rzadowo

coin operated ; coin op – na monety


it may be financed with bonds (obligacja, papier wartosciowy)

he dismounted his horse and approached us



the prime minister’s opponents failed to unseat him


unseat (zrzucic z siodla jezdzca, pozbawic urzedu – polityk)

illegal protest marches are examples of civil disobedience


the military – armed forces – armed services – sily zbrojne

i dont work in the armed forces. i am a civilian


contagious = infectious

vote of confidence – wotum zaufania,

is taken to establish whether an authority has the majority’s support for its policies


he was removed from the office by the White House officials

impeach – oskarzac, stawiac w stan oskarzenia

they were IMPEACHED (postawiony w stan oskarzenia )

ELECTORATE – wyborcy


sadly, not all electors bother to vote

legislative – prawodawczy, ustawodawczy


my body was aching all over

knife block – stojak na noze


the house of commons is a legislative body in the uk

the shadow cabinet is the front bench of he parliamentary party

citizen vote with their feet (dawac wyraz dezaproabacie, wycofujac sie) by leaving the eastern areas of the country


vote with their feet

canvass – kampania wyborcza w terenie

we are canvassing for the conservative party candidate

here’s the list of arguments why he is worthy of your vote


domestic affair

the deputy chairman acts on behalf of the chairman

match the words in the two columns to form phrases



both hands (hd.) are pointing to twelve

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