research shows that our levels of happiness are remarkably unaffected by our affluence

run into debts

i ran into jack the other day


indebted – dluzny, winny pieniadze

trader – handlowiec, przedsiebiorca


merge = mingle


mingle with the crowd is far more popular


i am sorry this product is out of stock/ out of sale

not available at the moment – out of stock

when a company fails – it goes bankrupt


go bankrupt – zbankrutowac

something worth buying – good bargain

sequence of tenses – nastepstwo czasow


word building. complete the table with the adequate words

comparing goods or services before buying – to shop around


buying large quantities at cheap prices – buying in bulk

when buying with a delayed payment – to buy on credit

match the beginnings of the sentences with the endings


cotton bud = cotton swab = q-tip

there is a range to choose from


when it’s held up to the light

a watermark becomes visible when it’s held up to the light

the bank requires that you open the account with a minimum balance of 100


remarkably – wielce, wybitnie

affluence – dobrobyt

affluent – zamozny, majetny, bogaty


managed by investment professionals

double entry – podwojne ksiegowanie


vital = essential

DOUBLE ENTRY – podwojne ksiegowanie

entryway – wejscie


good credit management is vital to the healthy running of any business

the bank requires that you open the account with a minimum balance of 100 pounds


he refused to reschedule our payments and has called in the debt

it was comforting. it made me feel better


you can obtain advice from the financial advisers


VAT – VALUE-ADDED TAX – podatek od wartosci dodanej

post meridiem – po poludniu

P&L account – profit and loss account


i often wonder what life holds for me

freight – koszt przewozu

FREIGHT – koszt przewozu!



koszty, ubezpieczenie, przewoz


there is always an endless queue at the post office

she works as a manager at the post office

general practitioner


GP – internista

you make my life so rich

hold on, i dont do foreign exchange rates in my mind


exchange rate – kurs wymiany walut

the value of a national currency against a foreign currency


central bank – bank centralny

INTEREST RATE 0 a rate which is paid for the use of money

interest rate 0 stopa procentowa


deficit – an excess of expenditure over revenue

investment – spending money on sth with the hope of making a profit


make a profit (osiagnac zysk)


an extension of credit from a bank when an account reaches zero

could you give us a ride to the city centre ?


pay sth off – splacac cos ; to pay back money that one owes

to buy sb off – przekupic (swiadka)


to pay someone so they do not cause you any toruble

to cash up – podliczyc utarg po calym dniu w sklepie


lay sth out – rozlozyc cos (np mape )

lay out – to spend money, specially large amounts


run up debts – popadac w dlugi

to get by – to have enough money for one’s needs

cough up – wybulic, dac sie naciagnac


to provide money for something one does not want to

to save up – to keep money for a large expense in the future

to pay up – splacic zobowiazania – to pay promptly or ON DEMAND


to wind up – to liquidate a business due to bankrupcy

to buy out contributions, stakes, shares


to take over a business

to bet on – to wager for


stock exchange = stock market – gielda papierow wartosciowych

bid – skladac oferte (na aukcji )


someone bid 2000 dollars for the sculpture

oferta, oferowana cena


hulk – kadlub statku






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