potrzeba samorealizacji!

pull your socks up = get a grip !

account – raport, zestawienie


profit and loss account – zestawienie zyskow i strat

gross profit margin – marza zysku

it is so hackneyed, so commonplace


overdraft – przekroczenie stanu konta, debet

overdraft payments

capital investment – lokata kapitalu


setting up fee

mutual funds

trade deficit – deficyt handlowy


how to achieve my full potential?

working capital – kapital obrotowy

running water

tap water



this is a struggle for survival

i am posting bail money for you (ksiegowac)


this is chickenfeed for him – mala kasa

how is chicken feed made?


to a millionaire 100 euro is just chickenfeed

it lasts longer

this bank account is short of funds


pay by installments (na raty)

pay by giro (placic przelewem)

i managed to get a mortgage to buy a house


legal tender – prawowity srodek planiczy

james held the note up to the light to make sure it was not counterfeit (forge)


the average turnover rate (wskaznik rotacji pracownikami) for all industry sectors averaged 39%

unnecessary expenditures include those for luxury items


the cheque will bounce (nie zostac przyjetym, nie honorowac)

we pay our rent by standing order (zlecenie stale). it saves us going to the post offic


the bank should send you a detailed statemen at the end of each month

dont worry. these euro banknotes are legal tender all over europe

variable – koszty zmienne


the total costs for all products sold – cost of sales

variable – zmienny

variable costs – koszty zmienne


usual expenses such as rent, heating, etc which are not changed by the volume of production

fixed costs = oncosts

expenses which increase with increased production, e.g. labour, raw material


is it possible to change this currency at any bank or exchange office?

you must declare your revenue


the costs for the day to day running of a company or business

labour cost – koszty pracy


the cost of employing workers and staff

advisory board – komitet doradczy


personal noun; general noun

i need to analyse your report

exclusive from your favorite artists


analyse – analyzer, analysis, analytical

compete, competitor, competition, competetive

regulate, regulator, regulation, regulatory


regulatory – nadzorujacy

advise, advisor, advice, advisory

credit , creditor


creditor – wierzyciel, osoba udzielajaca kredytu


consumption, consumer, consumptive

what’s the name of the movie again??





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