i’ve got the whole world in my fingertips

foe = enemy

electoral register = electoral roll – lista uprawnionych do glowania

blood count = blood constituency


straw poll – sondaz orientacyjny, badanie opinii publicznej

write sb in – dopisywac kogos, np na liste wyborcza

split ticket – jednoczesne glosowanie na czlonkow z roznych partii


secret ballot – sekretne glosowanie

casting vote – glos decydujacy


voter turnout – frekwencja wyborcza

everything turned out well

they cast their votes in a festive mood


festive – wesoly, BOZONARODZENIOWY

counterpant – odpowiednik (osoby, konstytucji)

COUNTERPANT – kopia, duplikat

civil rights – prawa osobiste


civil – polite , kind

inscribe – wpisac, napisac, wyryc, wygrawerowac

umiescic dedykacje


inscribed circle – okrag wpisany

inscribed angle


parliamentary poll

imma first time buyer

a large number of women voters, including many first-time ones, were standing in long queues in various centres


exercise their franchise

disfranchise – pozbawic praw obywatelskich


franchise – czynne prawo wyborcze

in some centres, the female voters complained of mismanagement (zle kierownictwo) as many of them did not find their serial numbers on the voter list


serial number – numer seryjny

i just stated my opinion


state an opinion

ballot box – urna wyborcza


votes for candidates from more than one party

adamantly – kategorycznie, stanowczo

he is just hoping to get some attention in the media


she was by no means an uncritical adherent of the movement

they carried out a straw poll among the party members to find out what the state of opinion was

he is not listed on the ballot


ties of love – wiezi milosci

i’ve got the whole world in my fingertips

the elector with a casting vote will decide


subject – poddany (krola)

the viceroy of india remained a subject of the british king

our candidate is determined to defeat the contender

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