it fell through

suffrage – prawo do glosowania, prawo wyborcze

mayor – burmistrz

mayor = city manager


comes a magical adventure

you paint me a blue sky

chamber – izba (w parlamencie)

komnata (prywatny pokoj)

adversary = opponent


almost half of our staff has been dismissed

i designated you to be my successor

parks are designated by green arrows on the map



designated driver – osoba niepijaca wyznaczona na kierowce

chamber = committee

shadow of cabinet – opposition


stalwart – podpora, zwolennik

the democrats outvoted the Republicans by over 100 votes

they have been trying to distance themselves from the labour party


the party elected/designated him head of the Foreign Office

you burnt them out

stand a chance of becoming that girl – miec szanse powodzenia

suffrage – right to vote


if he runs for the mayor/ city manager’s office, he might stand a chance

go streaking – biegac nago w miejscu publicznym


payroll – lista plac

all men over 20 were granted the suffrage (right to vote)

he can be candidate/nominee


his political adversaries/foes are creating trouble for his party

he appeared confident that he would be the Republican nominee for President

stalwarts / supporters


the government has decided to clamp down on smoking in public places

with no strings attahed



on 4 november, 2011, Democrat Barack Obama was voted in as America’s 44th President

vote sb in – wybrac w glosowaniu


rise and fall


vote sb out – odsunac kogos od wladzy (w glosowaniu)

if the prime minister got voted out of parliament, he would have to leave 10 downing street


wording – slowne ujecie, sformulowanie

utterance = wording

vote sth down – przeglosowac cos w glosowaniu


boot sb out – wyrzucic kogos, wykopac ( z firmy)

she was booted out of the party after the scandal in the press


contagious = infectious (zarazliwy, zakazny)

just rewind and come again

account for sth – byc czescia czegos

avail yourself of sth – skorzystac z czegos


avail yourself of = take advantage of – skorzystac z czegos

the prime minister availed himself of the occasion to brief his interlocutor on the angolan government’s programme


interlocutor – rozmowca

brief his interlocutor – poinstruowac, poinformowac rozmowce


back down – wycofac sie

fortunately, the local authorities have backed down on their plans to demolish the school building


united we stand, divided we fall – zgoda buduje, niezgoda rujnuje

keep it down – byc cicho

i am gonna be giving it


viceroy – wicekrol

a politician who is running for public office

viceroy – governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of his or her king or sovereign

i am out of touch on this subject


rabble rouser – pozegacz

standard bearer – przywodca, lider ( w grupie politycznej)

i was so lost until tonight


log out

someone is partisan (biased, prejudiced)

partisan – a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

adherent = sympathiser


pantry = buttery

campaigner – kandydat startujacy w wyborach

bigot – swietoszka, dewotka

officer – urzednik, funkcjonariusz


peace envoy – negocjator pokojow

office bearer – osoba piastujaca rzad

campaigner – a politician who is running for public office


adherent = sympathiser

this is your night tonight


he was a life long adherent of the Labour Party before suddenly switching to the Tories

electorate – wyborcy, elektorat


half of the electorate did not vote

let me put my loving to you



landslide – przytlaczajace zwyciestwo

MP = member of parliament

allocation = apportionment


ration – przydzial, wydzielona racja (zywnosciowa)

rationing (reglamentacja, racjonowanie)


during the war the government imposed rationing of food and gasoline


petrol = gas = gasoline

in 1966 Regean was elected Governor of California in a landslide vote

landslide vote (przytlaczaacy)

half of the electorate did not vote


we were holding a conversation

endow – wspomoc finansowo

she is endowed


not all countries endow citizenship on people born there

each MP represents a certain constituency




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