i had a wake up call again

double gazed windows – okna z podwojna szyba

three piece suite – zestaw mebli pokojowych (skladajacy sie z dwoch foteli i kanapy)


greasy marks on the wallpaper

multi task room

this is 20- year loan


no worries, it is gonna increase in value over time

two-seater settee – kanapa na dwie osoby



complete the house rental ad

real estate real property


housing – warunki mieszkaniowe

day-to-day activities


penthouse – luksusowy apartament na ostatnim pietrze budynku

inflation – rise in the general level of prices of goods in an economy over a period of time


partly furnished flat – with fully-equipped kitchen : washing machine, fridge/freezer, elegant and spacious lounge with fireplace

lounge with fireplace


paved patio – wybrukowane patio


walking distance to local amenities

commuter access


excellent commuter access to the city centre of the town

do i pay now or when i check out?


fill in the text with the missing words

fill the kettle up


time of home you might ike and afford

wskazany – ADVISABLE


up front

pancake tossing


notary ; notary public N.P

ladle – chochla, chochelka, lyzka wazowa

display cabinet – oszklona szafka

display cabinet – gablotka


rinse it under hot water


lets go to the attic





By indolentlady

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