i cannot take it any longer

he got a milder sentence

the time we spend apart will make our love grow stronger

i cannot take it any longer


he proclaimed the prohibition of trading at weekends

good, undisturbed state of mind = wellbeing


detainee – aresztowany

come forward – przychodzic z pomoca, zglaszac sie na ochotnika

it hurts so bad


die lying in your arms

i wanna be there for you


i wanna grow old with you

CPEEEE!!! go for it!


i am a go getter

we cannot sign the contract because it hasn’t been drawn up yet

vouch for sb – reczyc za kogos


he just looked on.. he did not do anything to harm her

his voucher was void, invalidate

voucher – poswiadczenie wplaty, kwitek

look at the prices of these tomatoes – it is a daylight robbery ( rozboj w bialy dzien) 


i have held a clean record ever since 🙂

i know that what he is doing is illegal and he should get reported to the authorities

i dont want to be the whistle blower – informator


come undone – wyjsc z siebie

envoy – posel, poslanka, wyslannik, emisariusz


highlight of the day !

feathering your nest – obracac w piorka, bogacic sie


detriment = damage – szkoda

he stands accused of feathering his nest to the detriment of the company


the contract was declared null (niewazny)

null=void = invalid 



they desperately need someone to lay down the law

she had a little brush with the law but have held clear record ever since  🙂

brush – sciecie z prawem


the envoy have proclaimed that election process was above board (szczery, uczciwy)

at the checkout

law abiding citizen – praworzadny obywatel


plaintiff – powod, powodka, oskarzyciel

discharge of the gun – wystrzal broni

misdemeanor – wystepek


plaintiff = defendant (pozwany, oskarzony)

appellate court hears cases on appeal from another court


the prosecutor demanded life imprisonment for the defendant

adjudicate – rozstrzygnac

what must be, must be

he filed the lawsuit when he was still in good health and never expected he would not be able to attend the trial


you can do whatever you want, as long as it does not infringe on anyone else’s rights

he was release ON BAIL


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