stop slurping

intoxicated – odurzony

get to the point


look more unfavourably

people tend to look more unfavorably on a drunk woman than man

freshly brewed coffee and tea


spike – przyprawiac alkoholem

realize – uswiadomic


dunking a biscuit in her tea


a shot of tequila can help me get to sleep

plonk wine – tanie wino


james developed his palate for wine at an early age

palate (smak)

dregs – fusy, szumowiny, mety



he drank his coffee down to the dregs (szumowiny)

she sprinkled the cake with some chocolate chips

sponge cake – ciasto biszkoptowe


buttermilk is richer than milk

i prefer buttermilk because it is richer than milk


refined sugars – oczyszczony

it is likely to increase you desire for sweets


various so called natural sweeteners are processed into concentrates

concentrates – koncentraty


this fudge (krowka) masa karmelowa is packed with flavanoids and antioxidants (przeciwutleniacz)

i will take revenge on him

i will get back at him

be on parole – warunkowe zwolnienie z wiezienia


the case soon began to unravel amid accusations of concealing evidence


if they dont undertake the action required, the court will impose a penalty of 2000

what happens when you commit a crime when on parole?


he plans to exhaust every and any legal means to vindicate himself against the charges filed by the federal prosecutors


a judge issued a writ today for the ex-president


this tattoo means that the person has served time in the past (osiedziec swoje w wiezieniu)

the contract stipulates that whoever breached the law shall face criminal sanctions

the company is facing allegations of low wages, poor working conditions and infringements of basic human right


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