keep me out of trouble

healthy dietary habits are very important

dietary supplement

set aside just 15 minutes a day and after a week or two you will learn how to correctly pronounce every vowel and consonant.

it gets in the eyes

touch in and touch out


query – a request for information about certain topic ; what you put in the box when you type something into a SEARCH ENGINE

podcast – is an audio show that is broadcast over the web


cyber-bullying – sending or posting harmful or cruel texts or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices

scams – swindels, dishonest practices


PHISHING – an online scam that uses email to steal users’ private information by imitating legitimate companies

FIREWALL – a special barrier used by network severs to separate their Intranet from Internet, keep out unwanted messages, information like spam and unwanted people like hackers


to keep me out of trouble

MOUSE TRAPPING – a commonly used technique by pornography sites where a user gets locked in a website, while surfing the internet it is possible to click a website and have multiple undesirable websites open – when this happen you often cannot close or back out of these sites and must close your websites completely


FLAMING – sending a deliberately confrontational message to others on the Internet

webmaster ( a person who creates various websites) – the person responsible for administering a website

i belong to a discussion group on that subject


you really need to get a domain name in order to look professional

TV guide – przewodnik po programach telewizyjnych


airing television

best before April 2010


radio programme

radio programme were broadcast by cable in some European cities as far back as 1924

this restaurant was opened as far back as 1920


dial up modem – telefoniczne modemy

video calling

dial up modems require the dedicated use of telephone line


dedicated line – stale lacze

dedicated use of telephone line

2050 hits


broadband – wysylanie kilku wiadomosci naraz

penetration – bystrosc umyslu, przenikliwosc

AIRWAVES – fale radiowe


the company was embarrassed when the employee went on TV to tell his side of story

this is the most recent news on the subject. susan is going to split into two countries


this is hot off the press. – z ostatniej chwili

sorry i am late – i was queuing at the checkout in a supermarket


write me an email from time to time. drop me a line from time to time

networking – nawiazywanie kontaktow

TOUCH BASE WITH SB – skontaktowac sie z kims ; porozmawiac z kims (w celu dowiedzenia sie czegos)

establish communication


make sure to email me after the conference and give me all the infromation about it.

get the low-down on sth – zebrac informacje na jakis temat


do you feel pain in lower abdomen


he believes its the first step to on the way to becoming a broadcaster

few things has changed the world so drastically and so quickly as the Internet has done since its invention and release for public use.

think of music business before the internet came along



something that is still necessary

she readily agreed to help us [ochodzo]

readily – z latwoscia, bez trudu


readily available

the internet has made hundreds of technologies OBSOLETE

sold in hard copy


people can have a video conference for free via services such as Skype, all while sitting inside offices on opposite sides of the world

he is gone forty – po czterdziestce


red eye flight – lot trawajacy cala noc

this reaction was instantaneous


people cannot imagine waiting even a week to get a letter in the postal system

they would rather get in a second or so in their email




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