it is not too late yet to back out of it

people will no longer watch things on their televisions but on their computer screens

you bring me up when i am feeling down

seafaring – zegluga morska


leg/stage of travel

nautical = maritime

backpack = hike


water travel – seafaring

excursionist = tripper

rubberneck – a tourist who is visiting sights of interest


hall of residence = dormitory – akademik

an edging built along the street

get deported back to their country


our holiday plans fell through because of transport strikes

it involves going to delhi


watch where you are walking !

right ahead of you

i am setting off for europe tomorrow


you are going to read on how to travel backpack the world on budget

i can put you up when you come over for the weekend . i’ve got a big house

i bumped into my ex-boyfriend on my honeymoon, it was awkward

she had to speed up in order to make the green light.


stop off in Tuscany for a while.

precipice – czelusc, urwisko


the equator is the longest parallel

he got trapped in a deep ravine

the avalanche swept the climbers down the mountain slope


glade – polana

wander at random


strait – ciesnina

when he saw the cyclist he swerved avoiding the man but crushing into a fence

alpine sports are obviously more popular in northern europe than in africa


mountaineering shop

new entrants to the country must go through the immigration procedures

bird of passage


he will never settle down

i dont think he will ever settle down

the jockey dismounted the horse and approached us


being involved in a vehicular accident may carry many psychological consequences


rise to the challenge – stanac na wysokosci zadania

we sailed through the test the first time we took it (poradzic sobie z czyms bez problemu)


we have a mountain to climb – miec duzo do przejsciya


i have a mountain to climb, but i will rise to the challenge

dont make a mountain out of a molehill


we’ve moved mountains to get where we are now

we are approaching to the end of the task

it is not that much of a big deal


down under

take sb for a ride – oszukac kogos


a bad workman always blames his tools



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