i got to shine

fucking little cock 😀

such a prick


match the words with their definitions

bench warmer – zawodnik rezerwowy ; a substitute [gracz rezerwowy]


vocation = calling

bench warmer – a substitute who seldom plays

blood sport – sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)



he is the document holder

holder – posiadacz, okaziciel


bunch – peleton

the stands = stand – trybuna

where the supporters are during a game


i had a restless night

she couldn’t tackle this concept (tackle = take in) = zrozumiec

tackle = to challenge a player for the ball = atak, w celu przejecia pilki


linesman = assistant referee

crochet – szydelkowac

if you crochet, wear a thimble [nasadka, tulejka, naparstek] on the finger that will push the needle through

holders – a team that is defending their title


chess beginners want to force the opponent into STALEMATE [pat w szachach, sytuacja bez wyjscia]

girl with the wicked mind

straight away = right away = at once = immediately


learning is one of my favorite pastimes

pastime = pursuit

luckily my children prefer outdoor pursuits to playing computer games

scale model cars – male samochodziki


in my free time i build scale models of ancient buildings

make sure you balance your extracurricular activities with your school work


make wager – zakladac sie

lay wagers – robic zaklady

if you lay wagers correctly on NBA matches you can win great profits

many women sacrifice their career for their family


he sacrificed his knight for my last pawn

pawn = checker [pionek ; warcaby]


draughts = checkers

they were playing checkers together

the sudden draught knocked down my desk lamp

the argument over whether he was offside or not carried on long after the end of the match


initially the fight seemed pretty even [they were going neck and neck], in the end it was the champion’s fast

series of jabs [cios prosty, w boksie] that won him the victory

interjection = wtracenie, wykrzyknik








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