crossbow hunting ?

the first letters have been provided

the number of letters in the missing words have been suggested


riding the bike without holding the handlebars requires a good sense of balance

snowboard bindings – wiazanie

weight bench


you can exercise on a weight bench to build more muscle, strength and even lose weight


relay race – sztafeta, bieg sztafetowy


baton paleczka, batuta

our team would have won the game if one of the contestant hadn’t dropped the relay baton.

i need a scale so i can weigh myself and see how much weight i am losing


if you want to knit a sweater

knit robic na drutach


so if you want to knit a sweater, you need some yarn and knitting wire

knitting wool


i need to trim the hedge

where are my

prune = trim

pruning shears


prune – suszona sliwka




pruning shears

crossbow – kusza


crossbow hunting

By indolentlady

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