a metaphor is like a simile

caddy – cadillac

caddy nosic komus kije golfowe


put the words in the correct category

courtship – starania o reke, umizgi

anchor – kotwica, opoka



knife block – stojak na noze

rope clutch

spinnaker – rodzaj zagla


it enables you to change camera’s positions in dozens of different ways

glaze – glazurowac



glaze the tiles and fire them in a kiln at the appropriate temperature until hardened

harden – stwardniec



it will slow him or her down a little bit

if a runner knocks over a hurdle

he was rowing so fiercely (dziko, gwaltownie) that the paddle/oar broke


a fishing swivel allows the line to untwist

he saved 40 out of 45 shots


battered – zniszczony, wyniszczony, znoszony

cleats – korki

long handled – z dluga raczka


the ball head enables you to change the camera’s position in dozens of different ways

untwist – odkrecic, rozwinac z rolki


untwist – rozplatac

can you untie this knot?

long handled maddle


phrases in italics (pisany kursywa)

i think its time for our son to start an independent life

i think that any intervention would be unwise at this point


if you do not compliment your wife on her new hairstyle..

i think he is deliberately delaying action so that he can see how things develop


PR – public relations

we will never make it on time

the party came to power

thanks to the growing discontent with the previous government


she always swims against the tide – plynac pod prad

she always says and does the opposite to what others say and do


you know what?? you are skating on thin ice

standoff – impas, martwy punkt


be on the ball  – miec leb na karku

get your skates on – pospiesz sie, hurry up


when the opponents attacked, our team hit back (odpowiedziec atakiem, nie pozostac dluznym, wziac odwet)

when the applaud died down, she started to sing


die away


we carried on gardening despite the rain

now, if you’ll excuse me, i would like to do some gardening

the game was called off because of the strike


the kids have used up all the toothpaste

the football match kicked off at 3 o’clock

its difficult for the other cyclist to keep up his pace


By indolentlady

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