now i need to be self-reliant

landmark – punkt orientacyjny, charakterystyczny obiekt, statue of liberty, empire state building, rockefeller center, central park, times square, fifth avenue, manhattan, brooklyn, broadway, brooklyn bridge, niagara falls, coney island, chrysler building


haggard – wynedznialy, wymizerowany

he is a part timer

someone who works less than customary or standard time

burn the midnight oil = stay up late


moonlighter – osoba dorabiajaca po nocach, chalturnik

someone who holds a second job (usually after hours)

DRUDGE – someone who has boring and tough job

someone who works hard at boring tasks


dogsbody – chlopiec na posylki

artisan = craftsman


a skilled manual worker, a craftsperon = craftsman

slog – a long session of hard work



dogsbody – a worker who has to do all the unpleasant or boring jobs that no-one else wants to do

fireball – a highly energetic and indefatigable person

indefatigable – niezmordowany

i admire his tireless efforts


i was worn out [exhausted, beat, tired] after the 12-hour slog at the office

virtually – praktycznie

indispensable – niezastapioncy



i feel i am unappreciated

she is such a fireball. working two jobs while being in college and still finding energy to go to dance classes.

he is only in the office twice a week because he is a part-timer


it feels more secure to start a home based business as a moonlighter while still holding a regular job

fill in the gaps in the sentences with the correct prepositions.

you cannot show up at the office late every day, josh!


he works out twice a week at the gym

we have taken on a few new employees as we are currently expanding

this was a step in the right direction

i am gonna be self-reliant. i am determined


i am going to the gym – need to work off the extra pounds

to lay off – to dismiss an employee from a job due to a lack of work


i have not worked out how to use the software yet

under new management 🙂





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