incentive = encouragement, motivation

i started out as a simple office clerk : doing the paperwork, making coffee, really nothing to do with my qualifications.


i am not working at the moment so my wife is the only breadwinner for the time bing



unemployed workers in the us are eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits during the time they are unemployed

public service – uslugi swiadczone przez panstwo


being a sworn interpreter is my true calling, i can feel it

i don’t think he is predisposed to working with children. he seems rather aggressive to me.

i am self-employed and looking for work I could do from home – if you hear of anything interesting, let me know, i’d appreciate that


freelancer – independent, pracujacy na wlasny rachunek

she quit the corporation and began to work as a freelancer

live on a shoestring


… where generations live on the dole

live on the dole [zyc na zasilku]

acid rain is not a natural phenomenon


phenomenon – zjawisko

its symptoms should not be overlooked [przeoczony]

it can lead to severe health and mental disorders


i trained to be a lawyer, but i have always known it wasn’t my true vocation.

finally i am in the right place

checklist – a list of things you have to do and check


checklist – lista kontrolna

set up a checklist

sales commission – prowizja od sprzedazy


if i ask you to come on saturday you will get extra pay, you know that

align with their own – zestrajac ze soba, zespajac


he works twice as hard so..

this often results in more motivated workers

work long hours



pushy – bezczelny, nachalny, natarczywy

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